Ana Medieta

Cuban artist Ana Medieta was known as a leading artist in the feminism movement in the 70s. Her works heavily evolved around abuse and violence towards women. Escaped Cuba at age 12 during the Fidel Castro acquisition, Ana graduated from University of Iowa with an MFA. Even  though little to none was known about her personal life, her art works showed a disconnection between reality and how she perceived herself. Despite being very beautiful, Ana often distorted her face and body with blood and mud as an expression of life and death through nature

Blood was found throughout her career. During the exhibition “Ana Mendieta: Experimental and Interactive Films“in Feb, her niece Raquel Cecilia Mendieta explained how Ana experimented around blood from the very beginning.
Ana Mendieta, <em>Sweating Blood </em>(1973)<br>Image: Courtesy Galerie LelongSweating Blood (film, 1973)


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