Francesca Woodman


Francesca Woodman (58-81) was born into an artistic family-her mother was a sculptor and a ceramicist while her dad was a photographer. Taking him as an inspiration, Woodman attended Rhode Island School of Design to study photography. Here, she experimented with movement and long exposure time to produce blurriness merging with the surroundings. This later on became her signature technique among her artworks.

woodman-francesca-house-3-providence-rhode-island-1976-p-107  House #3 ( Providence 76)

In 1977, Woodman studied in Rome in an honor program. Here she produced a series of photos which I consider to be the finest of her career. Below are the two examples taken from her Angels Series. No one knows her intention behind these photos but we can speculate an fallen angel is separated from her wings but still attempt to fly again. It was Woodman’s take on feminism in modern culture.


From Angels Series (Rome 77)


From Angels Series (Rome 77)

Unfortunately, after graduated, Woodman continued to send her portfolios to photographers to no success. As a result, she suffered from depression which only escalated after break up with her boyfriend. She eventually ended her life in Jan 81 at the age of 22.


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