Instagram Thursday

Alright, everyone must have heard of Instagram at least once by now. If not, I will try to describe it as best as I can: a social media where girls show their best selfies, guys show their workout rep and Kim Kardashian shows her big … well you know what. Anyway, Instagram is a good social platform to share your story with pictures. You can say more in your description of comments but the picture is the main focus here. On Thursday, my art class set out to describe our activities as a class in one day with the hashtag #art110su16. Note that we talked and discussed online but I have not met any of my classmates so these are very new to me. Below are some of my favorites:


No further description other than PUPPPPPIESSSS. They are soooo cute. and the flowers are pretty too.


Yummy. Nothing beat homemade food in my book.


Summer is not complete without a beach picture. And yoga just makes it perfect.


Yikes. Can someone teach me how to do this? Pretty please ?


Lisa and her daughter were out and about at the park. Nothing beats family. And those smiles just warm my heart. Absolutely my favorite of them all.

Again, we are all part of an online class and everyone could be scattered around the country for all I know. All the pictures are just a collection of what we do everyday individually. Nothing fancy, nothing special but just simple, plain old daily stuff. Yet, I felt a connection with these complete strangers: we all just try to live our lives to the fullest. We woke up and enjoyed a nice summer day with our loved ones. And I don’t know if I would ever meet Lisa and her daughter but those smiles will remain in my memory.


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