Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol had been a successful illustrator and advertisers before exploring fine arts. He later became a prominent figure in the pop art movement.

At the beginning of his career, Warhol was advised to draw whatever he loved and he did just that ever since. Celebrities were the center of lots of his works. Marilyn Monroe, Liz Taylor , Elvis Presley are among Warhol’s most notable. He loved celebrities and their glamorous lifestyle. Warhol admitted, more than one occasion, that he loved the overly lavish Hollywood even though he spent most of his life in New York.


Another common topic of Warhol’s works is the male body in erotic settings. Once again, Warhol art centered around what he loved, as a gay man. A fun fact about Warhol was that he claimed to be a virgin despite having multiple boyfriends. One of them, when interviewed even said the sex was great with him. Perhaps it was his public persona the virgin he claimed to be.

Nude Male Model, 1977

Not much of anything else to say about Andy Warhol as an artist. His works were quite straight forward in terms of meaning and execution, you either identify with him or you don’t. 


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