Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller

Canadian based Cardiff and Miller is a pair of artists with works around sound and sound installation. Their approach to art goes beyond perception from sense of sight and also featured sense of hearing.

The Memory Palace

This piece was featured at the Vancouver Art Center where audience was invited to their world of imagination. Described as their TARDIS, the audience’s perception was constantly challenged by invoking both visual and audio sense. The settings allowed visitors to step in the artists’ world through imagination.

Excerpt from FOREST
This video is an excerpt for their FOREST featured at dOCUMENTA (13). The video featured a forest party. However, as the camera panning around, it is quickly realized that the party goers stay still while audio continues to progress as a party. Once again, the Cardiff and Miller challenged their audience to explore the art with their imagination instead of their sight. (Hint: simply close your eyes and have fun).


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