Kat Von D: Body Art


Kat Von D is an LA tatoo artist. Rose into fame after her features in Miami Ink, she eventually moved to LA to open her own shop and acquired her own LA Ink series. Words about her talents quickly spread out, granting multiple visits from celebrities to her Hollywood shop, establishing her as a celebrity artist.

MATT12        MATT11

These are a pair of work from Kat Von D. Notice how every detail was carefully crafted to bring the birds to life. However, I don’t want to talk about how talent she is (since it is so obvious) but I will discuss the relationships between artist and their clients. When studying art, we often discuss fine art and its people. A common theme is that the artist usually have full control of creativity. Yes, there were time when artists were commissioned to create art but they still have ultimate control over the final product. Modern fine artists often create the piece as a form of expression.


Above is Marilyn Monroe depicted by Andy Warhol: marvelous and beautiful. Kat Von D also created many works using Monroe as her subject.

images            0f0f13c7d2b12e1d017c6d1a3901396a

How Monroe looks in these tattoos are very much different from each other let alone Warhol’s colorful Monroe. This is because tatoo, or any body art for that matter is a joint work between the artists and their client. Not only the client had to provide an idea canvass, the complexity in these tattoos required multiple session. And the work needs to be cared for during the process and afterwards as well. A tattoo only looks as good as the person carrying in. In addition, since tattoos are somewhat permanent, it often is very personal to the person. Thus, the creativity process often involves both party to create the perfect work.


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